Virtual Reality Surveys

Virtual Reality in Online Surveys – Does it work?

As we all know, online engagement is progressing at breathtaking rates – and can be leveraged for use in market research. Researchers at O2 and Gorilla in the Room have published a paper describing the use of a Virtual Reality (VR) tool within their online survey, with some interesting results. The authors of the study

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Weighting in Market Research

Weighting is an important – but often misunderstood – technique used to ensure research data is representative of a total population. The Evolved Analytics team has developed this vlog to explain the basics of weighting.

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Motivation and Behaviour, still core to what we do

Years ago, I completed my undergraduate degree in organisational and experimental psychology.  At the time, I learned about the many motivational theories about human behaviour.  Freudian theory, Skinner’s Behaviorism, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, McClelland’s need for achievement, Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory and Goal theory to name just a few.  All seek to explain why we

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Decision Making Process

Exploring Decision Making in 2018

The Process of Choice In market research, we are constantly exploring the factors that influence decision making. Some might say that this is our bread and butter – seeking to understand what drives consumer choice and preference. Some of the questions that regularly come up in discussion with clients are: What influences the choices people

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