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Garreth Chandler

Garreth Chandler

Garreth is Evolve’s founder and Managing Director. Garreth’s passions are technology, buyer behaviour and organisational theory.

Henry Cole created the first greeting card in 1843

Hover over to view the Christmas Card

It is perhaps surprising that it took so long for someone to come up with the idea

3200 BC

Writing invented

Writing Invented

3200 BC

Christmas first celebrated

Christmas First Celebrated

1440 AD

Printing press

1440 AD
1843 AD

Printed Christmas card

First Christmas Card

1843 AD

Funny Cat Videos on youtube

Cat Meme


In 2018, 59% of Australians will send a printed Christmas card and 79% will send greetings using electronic media

Printed Card 59%
Send a SMS 52%
Social media 47%
Email 37%
Electronic Card 25%
Christmas SMS

Over the last three years, 17% of Australians stopped sending printed Christmas cards and 41% said that they will not send any printed cards this year


Gave a Christmas card last three years


Intend to give  printed card this year

People are not sending Christmas cards because they don’t fulfil consumer needs in the 21st century

Money is tight
78% agreed cost was a factor
Our expectations of others are lower
68% agreed that people don’t expect it any more
We want immediate gratification
68% agreed it was too much effort
We know the environment is suffering from waste
66% agreed that environmental impact was a factor
Time is precious
53% agreed they don’t have enough time
Our devices do our thinking for us
53% agreed they forget people’s address

…and card senders are dying…

What do you do when your most loyal audience suffer high rates of mortality


Yet, despite these changes, printed Christmas cards remain the most personal way for people to express their feelings

How personal is each type of Christmas greeting 

Christmas Card

Printed Cards


Very Personal








Social Media Message


Very Impersonal

So its true what they say the message is the media

Sending a printed card doesn’t show what you care about but also that you have put in effort to show you care. 

Christmas Card Personal Receiving a card
Christmas-SMS-impersonal Receiving a sms

So when you really want to make it count

Send a printed card that shows what you care about like this beautifully hand illustrated cards from Care Australia.  You could help a schoolchild get books, a family grow a garden, cocoa or support a farmer growing coffee. Visit Care Australia for more information.

About this study

Evolve conducted a probono study with Greenpoint Media and TEG rewards on behalf of CARE Australia. Random natrep sample of n=300 conducted online. See published article here.

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