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Great Leadership – It’s all about trust

I recently hit a milestone birthday and changed jobs within a few days of each other. As a contemplative sort, either of these events would trigger a degree of self-reflection so combined, they were quite a powerful pair. I’ve written before about what I consider to be my slightly odd career path and how I started to recognise my strengths in order to

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Strategies for effective remote working

Working remote is a paradigm that fundamentally changes the social and physical nature of work. In many ways it is an evolution like open office environments and hot desking. While there are some clear benefits to employers and employees, there remains some potential difficulties collaborating effectively with remote working employees. This blog post will examine some of these difficulties and

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Just a Job? Or Something More?

I love my job. I’m not just saying that, I do—and I know how lucky I am to be able to say so. It hasn’t always been the case: I can look back at any number of McJobs (©Douglas Coupland) I held in my formative years; often character building but not conducive to a love of work. It’s taken me a long time to understand my own

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