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A Case Study in Differentiation - US Supermarket Offerings

A Case Study in Differentiation – US Supermarket Offerings

The ubiquity of American culture – from our TV screens to our shopping choices – can make it seem like the Australian and US cultures are interchangeable. An interesting example of where the landscape is more different than it first appears is in the world of grocery shopping. Casting a broad glance over the US market, it appears that the

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The future of Text Analytics – 2019 and beyond

We can’t help but try to predict the future, especially when it comes to the application of new technologies. Who knew before the fact how radically our lives would transform due to the internet, computers, electricity and the industrial revolution? It seems the most recent development is the rise of AI and machine learning. Will this lead to a future

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Designing for an Uncertain Future

Designing for An Uncertain Future

A couple of weeks ago my dad bumped into my old graphic design tutor. A wonderful gentleman by the name of Ben, he recognised my Dad and asked what I was up to. Dad’s slightly embarrassed response was that he didn’t really understand what I did. “Ah, one of those ‘young persons’ jobs” was Ben’s response. Being termed as ‘young’

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Virtual Reality Surveys

Virtual Reality in Online Surveys – Does it work?

As we all know, online engagement is progressing at breathtaking rates – and can be leveraged for use in market research. Researchers at O2 and Gorilla in the Room have published a paper describing the use of a Virtual Reality (VR) tool within their online survey, with some interesting results. The authors of the study describe the perennial burden of

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The evolution of employee feedback – Annual, Pulse… Always On.

Listening is often labelled as the most important skill and behaviour an individual can possess. When we listen we learn, when we talk, we only share what we already know. The HR technology zeitgeist has been focused on employee feedback for a few years. Today, there is an ever increasing array of sophisticated online tools available to the HR buyer.

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