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Demystifying Driver Analysis

What is this…‘Driver Analysis? Business decision makers often rely on driver analysis to assess what is REALLY important to their customers. For example, customers often claim that price is the most important thing to them when asked. More often than not, however, driver analysis reveals service or other experiences are actually what drives overall satisfaction. This type of insight is

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Things I wish I’d known starting out in research

On the brink of a key milestone in my career, I’ve been spending some time reflecting on my professional experiences to date – what I thought was important as a young graduate versus what I know now. What wisdom and advice could I possibly impart on someone on the flip side, or what would I tell a past-me. I remember

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The Last Sapiens

My esteemed colleague Garreth has a fixation with AI and our march towards The Singularity.  Naturally then, it is a regular topic of conversation in our office. As a Sci-Fi nerd, I marvel that such advances are now plausible in my own lifetime.  Yet, also as a Sci-Fi nerd, I wonder what it could all mean for us humans. Following one

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Future Consciousness Horizon

Future Consciousness Horizon – Video

I’m old enough to remember when the internet arrived and how it changed everything.  We are on the cusp of an even bigger technology upheaval and everything is going to change, at work, at home, where we shop and where we play. In this VLOG we walk through what this is, what it means and how it might make things

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Top Data Analysis Tool Fails

Many of us love to dig deep into our data and DIY the basics, and with the tools available today in programs like Excel it’s easy for everyone to get involved. However, there are some common watch outs and failures so we’ve compiled a list of occasions where Excel’s tools can behave unexpectedly. Avoid the blood, sweat, tears and swearing

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Our top tips for giving effective virtual presentations

In today’s connected world it’s becoming the norm to give presentations virtually. Our day-to-day at Evolve involves working on fast-paced projects with clients across the world, so we’ve had to hone our skills in this space. Here’s our tips for creating a winning virtual presentation every time. We’d love to hear what works for you!  Leave a comment below this

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